Beagle Boxer Mix: Boggle Dog

What’s good, What’s bad, and Which is the Best Dog Mix Breed?

The Boxer Beagle Mix is the new athletic breed for keeping the muscular and energetic companion. The Boggle is the healthy breed of dogs that is a brave mix of beagle and boxer dogs. They are healthy, and these designer breeds can inherit the traits either from their purebred parents. They can live up to the age of 10-15 years if these are looked after in a nice manner.

Significant Information about Boggle Dog

The Boggle is a mix breed of beagle and boxer who are known as hunting and active dog breeds. The noteworthy details about the Boggle designer breed involves the information about the temperament, training, socialization, diet, coat conditions, etc. This will help the families to get a proper insight about these purebred pups and caring procedure from their earlier days. They are cheerful, lively and the energetic addition to the family.

Origination of the Breed

From the last few years, the Boggle or Bogle is the most popular designer dog available with the breeders. It is important to know about the origination of both its parents.

The Boxers are athletic breed dogs that are having strong and muscular deep chest. Their ancestors share the character traits of the Mastiff, and this is the man-made breed from Germany. The owners can pet them very well who want active and fun-loving companions.

On the other hand, Beagles were known as the hunting and tracking dogs.

These dogs are gentle and friendly so by watching their temperament people started keeping these dogs.

Temperament of the Breed

The Boggle or Bogle breed is an active and playful breed. However, before making adoption and assessment of personalities of the owner should learn about the pup’s parents.

Here are some of the points that throw light on its temperament:

  • This breed keeps its owner amused every time with its playful and active nature.
  • They display the confident and dignity traits.
  • They respond to polite and courteous people in friendly fashion.
  • They are responsive and patient with elder children. However, the elders should monitor their behavior with kids.
  • The kids should never try to annoy the boxer beagle mix that is the boggle dog while it is sleeping or eating.
  • They will mingle with other pets or animals if their socialization is done at an early stage.

Boggle Dog Pictures

Character Traits and Level of Activity

The beagle boxer mix can get traits from its ancestor who can be a beagle or the boxer. These dogs tend to be excited, playful and energetic from an early age. They are having a great temper and gentle to kids and polite people but wary of strangers. As this breed enjoys playtime, so it gets love to go for hiking or running. The pet owners should give at least 45 to 60 minutes of exercise to them. They have great jumping abilities so it is advisable to keep them inside the fencing.

Training of Boggle Dog

The boxer beagle mix that is the Boggle or Bogle weighs around 50 to 60 pounds and grows up to 63 to 73 cm in height. The owners need to maintain the consistent hand in training to guide this breed. The positive reinforcement technique helps in training them in a great way. One should also keep in mind that they do not like to be treated in a harsh manner while training. The owners can see varied boggle pictures for their height, weight and the training structure provided by the breeders.

Moreover, the exposure of the breed with other pets and people will try to lower down the nature of aggressiveness. One should house train the Boggle pups so that they develop good etiquettes and habits.

Diet and Grooming

It is important to feed boggle dog high-quality food that consists of the three to four cups of dog food especially recommended for an adult dog. The dog must get 25% of the protein requirements in its diet. One should give the dogs carbohydrate-laden food such as sweet potatoes and the brown rice. They should also get enough quantity of eggs, fish, carrots, and pumpkin.

This breed has a short coat, and they have fewer grooming needs according to its body structure. The boxer beagle mix (Boggle) dogs should be given a bath rarely as simple ear cleaning and brushing will prove best for them. Even they can be cleaned with a wet towel.

In Nutshell

The boggle dog is prone to certain diseases as eye problems, epilepsy, ear infections, hip dysplasia, etc. It is advisable to get the pup from a certified breeder and to research about the parents of the pup too. However, they are gentle and playful dogs that are fit for one’s family environment.

As every dog breed has certain bad or good traits, but it purely depends on the owners to provide great training to their canine.

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