Beagle & Lab Mix: Beagador Dog Info

The Beagle and Labrador Retriever breeds are crossed together to give the birth to Beagle Labrador Mix. The Beagle Lab Mix is a fun loving dog. You must be excited to know about him in detail. So I will provide you with the details that include temperament, physical structure, health issues, exercise, training, and diet. By going through the information, you can make out whether they are suitable as the part of your family. So let’s move ahead to have an overview of Labrador Beagle Mix Puppies.

Other names of Beagle Lab Mix are Labbe, Beagador, Labrador Beagle Mix, Labeagle and Labbe Retriever.

Inclusive Information

  • The registration information of Labeagle is DDKC, DBR, DRA, ACHC, IDCR.
  • They have the lifespan of about 10-15 years.
  • If they are not adequately encircled, then they can escape without any difficulty.
  • They are considered as an excellent digger.
  • They enjoy good company with children.
  • To consume their energy, they are occupied with the work.
  • You will be pleased to know that they serve as watchdogs and good hunting dogs.


The Beagle Lab Mix was first originated from the USA, and due to their amusing nature, they become prevalent throughout the world. In appearance, they resemble both of their parents having the tricolor coat that looks like the color of the Labrador with the head of the Beagle.

Physical Features

Beagador bears a resemblance to the Beagle in height, but they are longer in length to some extent. It inherits a smooth appearance from the Labrador side and possesses a very short coat. They weigh 25-45 lbs. With height 19-24 inches and enjoys medium sized body.


The Labrador Beagle Mix Puppies are tranquil, enthusiastic, trustworthy, protective and amiable by nature that loves to attach to their owners. Everyone feels like to laugh at their witty character. They are an outgoing personality that admires to explore with curio.

As an excellent watchdog, they bark on sensing the stranger. They prefer attention, and when they are left alone for the longer time, then they get bored. For fun, they have a tendency to grasp things for fun. Sometimes they do undesirable activities like burrowing and howling to please themselves.

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The Labrador Retriever Beagle Mix needs lots of exercises to have the healthy body. They are intelligent and are fond of playing. With their owners, they like to go for leashed walks. You should not allow them to be lazy as they are prone to obesity. They remained physically fit and active due to jogging and brisk running across a well-fenced yard. Like the Labrador, they love water so swimming can be a good activity for them.


It would be preferable to socialize the Beagle Lab Mix and inculcate house training early. Be sure that you adopt positive reinforcement skills to train your puppy. They can learn the etiquette of living in a family with the help of an expert. For the riotous animal, you can make use of tasty treat to handle them properly.


You should choose food by keeping age and lifestyle of your beloved pet in mind. Provide them dry kibble that acts as a vital nutritional component. The quantity should vary between 1.5 and 2.5 cups. The Labbe love food, so you have to take care of their eating habits to check them from overeating.

Health Issues

The Beagador can suffer from bone disorders like hip dysplasia and patellar luxation as these problems are shared with their parents. Some eyes disease problems can also be observed like progressive retinal atrophy, glaucoma, and cataracts. Though they are crossbred, there is less chance of significant health problems.


Use medium sized bristles to brush your Beagle Lab Mix twice or thrice in a week. It will aid in new hair growth and will do away with loose hairs. If they get tremendously filthy and foul, then bathe them. In two weeks check their ears for infections. In a month, trim their nails one or two times. Brush their teeth twice or thrice in a week with a vet advised toothpaste for healthy dental care.

In a quick glance, you can gain facts about Lab Beagle Mix

Coat    Compact, short and smooth coat guards from the cold weather.
Type of Breed   Hybrid
Color White, brown, black & brown, Black & white, tricolor can also be possible.
Group of Breed Sporting and Bullying
Temperament   Frisky, brave, cheery, devoted, inquisitive
Hypoallergenic Not Known
Barking Sporadic
Equation with children Good
Shedding Temperate
Weight Varies between 25-45 lbs
Size Average
Height Varies amid 19-24 inches tall
Lifespan 10 -15 years
Originated USA

From the above table, you can acquire exact and precise info about the Labrador Retriever Beagle Mix.

Is it suitable to owe Beagle Lab Mix?

The owner or families who have time and like the outdoors can owe these dogs comfortably as Beagle Lab Mix requires lots of activity. They serve as the good hunting dog as their parents both Beagle and Labrador are good at tracking. To keep them busy, buy some resistant dog toys. If you as an owner is vigorous and love escapade, then these dogs are the perfect choice for you.

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